Hi Everyone,

After quite a long period of inactivity, we’ve decided to finally close down the Motive meetup group.

We’d like to thank the many speakers that came along to present to the group.  It was a huge pleasure meeting them and listening to their different ideas and learning from their experiences.

We’d like to thank all of the Motive members; we met a lot of talented people along the way and made some really good friends.

A trip down memory lane: http://www.flickr.com/groups/motive/pool/

We’ve no immediate plans to hold another official Motive event through meetup but also don’t see this as the death of Motive, so if you’d like to stay connected, please follow us on twitter for any updates: www.twitter.com/motivegroup


All the best,

Jon (@jon_reidy) & Louis (@louisdumont)



A special thanks to all that
have presented at Motive:
Richard Peretti
Little White Lies Magazine
Hawk The Movie
Gregory Vincent
Amisha Ghadiali
Rhéa 'BonBon' Nielsen
Warren Fox

Mark McGuiness
Peter Mirander
Paul Andrew Williams
Steve Fllann
Matt Bochenski
David Hayward